Department for Education


Our Mission Statement...

'We believe that all children have the right to experience the wonderment of childhood, to grow and to investigate through rich quality play in a warm and respectful environment which reflects the diversity of our world'.

Our experienced staff team plans the Kindergarten's curriculum using the National Early Years Learning Framework.


Our program is displayed for all families to view and join in with whenever possible. This Early Years Framework includes everything that happens at Kindergarten.

Most important are the warm and positive interactions between staff, families and children in the Preschool environment as we play, talk, explore, relax and learn together.

The teaching and support staff at Preschool work closely with all families and children to share information and to get to know each other so that the curriculum we plan appropriately meets the challenges, the strengths, needs and interests of each child.

Each day there is a wide variety of planned and spontaneous play experiences to explore within a safe, well organised and supportive environment.

All of these elements in our curriculum are important for developing in your child a strong sense of his or herself as a valued, caring community member and a capable self motivated learner.

The following principles underpin our practice:

At all times we have an 'Open Door' policy and families are welcome to contribute and to join in with and comment upon our curriculum.